Getting Here

Experience the Real Hawaii 

No Road Noises or Power Lines, Just Nature and Amazing Views

Important:  Regardless of where you decide to stay, we strongly recommend that plan to rent a car for your time on the Big Island.  We do not recommend that you rely on the Island's Hele-on public bus system as it only runs a few times per day.  If you do take the bus you must get off at the Honomu stop and walk one mile to our location (start at "Step 2" below).  A traditional taxi from Hilo airport will cost about $65 each way even though we are only about 13 miles from the airport.  You can save a little by using Uber or Lyft but getting a car is the best option by far.


Step 1: 

Drive to Honomu, HI (about 11.5 miles North of Hilo on Route 19 Hawaii Belt Road).  When you are getting close you will see signs to turn for Honomu Road (Route 220) and for Akaka Falls.  Follow those signs into town.

Step 2: 

At the top of the hill follow Honomu Road (Route 220) as it curves sharply to the left.  Next, drive through the little historic town and continue going straight.  Do not turn right to go the rest of the way up the hill towards Akaka Falls.  When you reach the end of the town (after the Honomu Gym and churches) the road will narrow down to a one lane road, curve to the right, and wind through a ravine.  After you come out of the ravine you will see a few houses. Do not stop and do not bother the neighbors. You still have more than 1/2 mile to go. The road will be gravel for the last 200 yards so you will know when you are getting close.  Just keep going!

Step 3: 

Our place is 28-1435 Old Mamalahoa Hwy, 96783.  We have a green placard with "Hamakua House" and the address down by the road.  Turn right into our driveway.  It is steep at first, but it levels out at the top.  You will see the designated parking so please do not park on the grass.  Please enter from the back porch as there is no public entrance on the front of the house.  You will receive a contact-less self check-in email at 3 pm on the day of your arrival so please refer to that email to receive your room or cabana assignment.  If you don't have the email please check your SPAM/junk folder before calling.

Note: Please review the local map below which shows the last 2 miles of the journey.  The public gravel road (last 200 yards) is easily passable in any vehicle (cars, vans, etc...) but you may have to go slow if your vehicle has low clearance.  Please note that GPS does not work very well here.  Some people have had some luck with Google Maps, but navigation using an iPhone (Apple Maps) will take you miles away to the wrong place.  We recommend that you bring a copy of these directions with you.